Authority Marketing

Stop waiting for someone to pick you and create your own newsworthy story about you and your business.

IMAGINE HOW MUCH IT WOULD HELP YOUR BUSINESS if you could share with your family, friends, prospects, clients and competitors  that you were recognized on multiple national news media outlets of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and more for the good work that you do.

Many famous business celebrities got to where they are by creating publicity and controlling their press: Damon Johns, Barbara Corcoran, Dave Ramsey, Richard Simmons and many more.

Think about it. Are they the best at what they do. Not necessarily.

What they are the best at is advocating for the success of their clients and prospects, then letting everyone know about it.

I'm offering you a chance to copy the strategy of some of the most successful business owners today.

This works best for business owners, professional and anyone that needs to stand out from their competition as a recognized expert and authority.

Here's how it works...

Step 1 -Create A Newsworthy Event
Step 2 - Tell Everyone About It
Step 3 - Get More Customers
Contact me at 631.287.6615 or bc@goodwilldigital.com to get started. We'll discuss your options at no cost and no obligation to see if this is right for you.
I write and syndicate a News Release announcing and detailing your event. You share status updates with your lists and followers. I provide all swipes when I create the event.
I show you how to use that appearance and smart marketing to bring more customers into your business and be more profitable.

Create An Event


Do Something That Advocates For The Success Of Your Clients And Prospects.

We need an event or achievement. I can create one or if you've done anything to advocate for your clients success or you have been awarded or achieved anything, we can use that.

If I create, it will be a positioning event like a Spotlight Article, Published Author Status or Authority Appearance on USA Today, CNN, Business Innovators Radio (podcast) or similar.

Tell People About It


Use News Releases And Humbly Share

Once we have the event, I write and syndicate a news release announcing and detailing your achievement or event. You are positioned as a leading expert and authority in you industry.

To get he maximum effect, order a Spotlight Article, Published Author Status or specific Authority Appearance. Included is the necessary swipes, graphics and support to make sure your event is successful.

You can also order a stand alone news release (and do the marketing yourself). Simply provide me some information on your event or achievement and I will write and syndicate a news release for you. I recommend that you humbly share with your lists and followers.

The news release is professionally written to conform with standard news release formats. It is then syndicated and usually picked up by well over 100 news media outlets.

Get More Customers


Add Your Authority Credentials To All Your Marketing

I also recommend that, if you haven't already, created a "press" page on your website were you can post all your recognition, you do so as soon as possible.

Think about it. When prospects visit your website to see if you are their choice, it's easy for them to decide to pick you when they see your press page filled with your Authority Credentials.

Instead of spending your money on advertising that goes away, you should be spending it on building your authority credentials that don't go away. And add your Authority Credentials to all your marketing material.

Imagine if you are introduced, and your press page reflects, "Bestselling author of "Some Industry Problem Solved", who has been featured on Small Business Trendsetters, USA Today, Business Innovators Magazine as well as dozens of FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS outlets; YOUR NAME HERE!

Wow! That's a powerful way to get more business.

Who do you think prospective prospects want to work with the person with no credentials or a leading industry expert and authority on their problem?

And, do you think they expect to pay more to work with the best?

Of course they do.

This is how you become the best...

And, it all starts with you deciding to start controlling your own publicity.

Just to be clear, this is not about misleading anyone. This is about creating events that help people, then making sure a lot of people can access that helpful information. That's how you position yourself as the authority.

We are just going to do it in a specific way that allows you to build a more profitable business along the way.

Think about it...

Business is about helping others for money, providing value for cash.

Authority Events with News Releases and smart marketing simply allow you to help more people and be more profitable faster.

What To Do Next?


What you should do now is contact me to discuss your options.

We'll discuss your options and I'll answer your questions, at no cost and no obligation, to see if this is right for you.

I have something for every level of business owner or professional from my FREE Publicity offer to helping you publish a bestselling book.

This will work for you even if you are a startup business,  you are a seasoned pro who has already published and been on TV (there is always more places to be seen) or somewhere in between.

So, contact me now why it's fresh in your mind...

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