Build Your Authority Credentials


Let's face it, we're all looking for an edge.

A way that we can leap frog our competitors and build our business bigger and faster.

I'm not going to tell you SEO and advertising doesn't work. They do.

But, both require you to pay every month and once you stop paying; your profits quickly dry up.

The most effective strategy I've ever found is called Authority Marketing.

It's the process for positioning yourself as an authority by creating newsworthy events, telling people about it and then implementing some smart marketing to build your business.

It works fast and is an investment in yourself.

Each event or achievement you create can not be taken away from you and you benefit from your content and authority on a regular basis.

So what are these events and achievements?

Any achievement, event or content that advocates for the success of your prospects and clients.

Achievement: If you won an award or were recognized in any way, you could simply order a news release and I'll have it syndicated.

Event: An event might be something like becoming a published author, reaching bestseller status or making a guest on a podcast.

Content that advocates for the success of your prospects and clients would include articles on popular and credible third party websites like CNN, BusinessInnovatorsMagazine, BuzzFeed and others.

You can get your content on many different sites but they all have their own requirements. Some are harder than others. Some want you to have a portfolio and others are happy to have your content as it helps their website.

You can reap the benefits from one appearance, but being a regular contributor garners more authority.

Imagine making an appearance on Business Innovators Magazine or being a regular contributor to CNN. How much do you think that would help your business.

You'd get traffic from the articles but most importantly is you being positioned as an authority.

When your prospects are looking for someone to hire to solve their problem, do you think they may pick the person with the best authority credentials?

Would it be an easy choice to pick you if you were a bestselling author of "Some Industry Problem Solved" book, have been featured on Small Business Trendsetters, are a regular contributor to CNN and have been seen on national news media outlets of ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.


Let's get started building your authority credentials.

What To Do Next?


What you should do now is contact me to discuss your options.

We'll discuss your options and I'll answer your questions, at no cost and no obligation, to see if this is right for you.

I have something for every level of business owner or professional from my USA Today FREE offer to helping you publish a bestselling book.

This will work for you even if you are a startup business,  you are a seasoned pro who has already published and been on TV (there is always more places to be seen) or somewhere in between.

So, contact me now why it's fresh in your mind...

Build Your Business Bigger And Faster

Step 1 -Create A Newsworthy Event
Step 2 - Tell Everyone About It
Step 3 - Get More Customers
Contact me at 631.287.6615 or bc@goodwilldigital.com to get started. We'll discuss your options at no cost and no obligation to see if this is right for you.
I write and syndicate a News Release announcing and detailing your event. You share status updates with your lists and followers. I provide all swipes when I create the event.
I show you how to use your event with smart marketing to bring more customers into your business and be more profitable.
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