Ben Settle 30 Day Writing Challenge

I’m taking A Ben Settle 30 day writing challenge, sort of…

Don’t tell him!

Not that he cares. I’m just not sure I want to become material for his next email.30 Day Writing Challenge

I’ve been a fan of Ben’s for awhile and he’s one of the few people that I actually read his emails on a regular basis. He’s an EXPERT Email Marketer, anti-professional and very entertaining.

…And, he’s worth following; even if you don’t want to make MORE money.

I recently re-read a recent email from him headlined “The more you write the luckier you’ll get”.

He challenges his readers to write one email to sell your product, write one chapter of a novel, and write a section/chapter of an info product as soon as you wake up.

I’m assuming brewing coffee is allowed.

So, I decided to except his challenge.

Sort of…

I’m not interested in writing a novel so I’ve axed that part.

Plus, I really believe in minimum effective dose.

Read “lazy”.

Writing an email a day and a section of an info product should keep me busy for a few hours.

With the bulk of that time spent getting ready to write (You know; making the coffee and fluffing my chair pillow) or staring at my pc thinking about what to write.

The point of Ben’s challenge, me thinks, is to just do it.

Stop thinking, learning and “getting ready”. Just start and get the education and skills by doing.

I believe that’s good advice. Especially for marketing professionals.

So, I put my faith in Ben’s direction and I hope I can develop skills to keep the readers of my emails entertained, inspired and informed.

P.S. If you are stuck in your own writing challenge or simply wanting to get started doing something that will help you grow, I found some inspiration in this video and maybe you will too:


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