Facebook Ads And A Real Estate Sales Funnel

How To Use Facebook Ads And A Simple Real Estate Sales Funnel To Generate Leads And Sell More Homes

It seems to me like there is interest in how to build a Real Estate Sales Funnel campaign from both agents and marketers – including myself.

I’ve wanted to help realtors use Facebook Ads to generate leads and sell houses for awhile but wasn’t sure the best way to do it.

Real Estate Sales Funnel

So, I decided to do some research to see if anybody else was having success leveraging Facebook Ads and a Real Estate Sales Funnel.

Because it was difficult to find good solid info I decided I would combine my knowledge and experience with the info I did find into a post that hopefully would benefit others.

First, let me share how this came about. I recently earned certifications in all DigitalMarketer’s training including “Sales Funnel Specialist” and I was surprised at some of the seemingly, basic marketing insights that had been left out of the thousands of dollars worth of training I had paid for in the past several years.

I decided that I wanted to use what I considered the most valuable of these insights I gained to help small and local business owners as part of my business: insights about paid acquisition, CVO and Sales Funnels.

Sales funnels for local and offliners differ from a digital product funnels in that most offliners will need to sell and deliver their Core Offer and Profit Maximizers in their shop; but, they are no less effective!

It is my belief that if small, local and offline business owners used online paid advertising and sales funnels properly, their results would be life changing; for most.

As part of my research, I wanted to have some good examples, so I asked myself: “Self, what niche example would you want to see most?”

I answered Real Estate, followed by fitness, medical, dental, mortgage… (Feel free to comment what you would want to see)

That’s when I got stuck (for awhile). It was difficult to find quality examples, first hand information or training. Crappy Lead Magnets weren’t even in sight.

Actually, I found a couple articles and a few Lead Magnets I thought I’d rather not waste my time on. I wanted solid information from someone who was “doing it” as opposed to a bunch of regurgitated marketing concepts.

I, specifically, wanted to find people who were using Facebook ads and Squeeze Pages to sell houses!

Eventually, I was able to find some information on a few websites and in a few Facebook Groups about people using Facebook Ads and a Real Estate Sales Funnel successfully.

Here is what I was able to extrapolate combined with my knowledge and experience:


In Real Estate you know the product is the house you have to sell. I believe it was Gary Halbert who recommends writing out all the feature and the benefits of the product in an effort to write better copy. I agree and add that it will also help you with your targeting.

I’m a big advocate of preparation and planning. I’d suggest completing a customer avatar and sketching out your Real Estate Sales Funnel once.

I’d also suggest planning your targeting and messaging. Your copy may change, and probably should and will, but you need to have an idea to work with.

Although you can do the next steps in other orders, I’m going to walk you through this in a somewhat chronological, from the customer journey perspective, order.


First up is targeting. Targeting is ultra important and ultimately determines whether your campaign fails or is amazingly profitable.

This determines the audience for your ads.

Here are some examples of targeting that I found where a Real Estate Sales Funnel was successful:

  • Renters
  • Professional
  • Empty nesters
  • Moving up/down

I’ve seen successful ads that targeted pain points as well as big benefits.


Next is your messaging. It’s hard to say that this is less important than targeting but, if the offer is good enough, or the graphic is eye catchy, you can still get clicks, leads and sales.

However, your messaging should be consistent throughout your campaign. And, it more likely will be if you did the preparation steps properly.

Here are some examples of messaging where a Real Estate Sales Funnel was successful:

  • Renters – stop wasting your money, stop paying for your landlord to live free,
  • Professionals – convenience to amenities, stop wasting money driving to work,
  • Empty nesters – house too big, paying school taxes, heating, cooling, landscaping
  • Moving up/down – house to big/small, tired of heating/cooling, cleaning, paying school taxes


As for graphics, they should be consistent, congruent and eye catching as possible throughout the funnel. Using a quality picture of the property for sale both in the ad and on the squeeze page seems to be your best bet.


The most effective Landing Page seems to be a Squeeze Pages, as you may have suspected. Squeeze Pages have no leakage, you either subscribe or close.

I’ll always prescribe testing to see what works best in your market, but some feel that they’d rather have links to more info and other listing. However, I believe that testing will show that to be less effective with targeted, paid traffic. That probably works better for broad free traffic though.

The goal of a Squeeze Page is to capture your visitors email address. There are three main schools of thought on this process.

  1. Go broad and offer a Lead Magnet like “10 Things Most Realtors Don’t Want You To Know”, “What’s Your Home Really Worth?” or “7 Hidden Problems That Cost Unsuspecting Home Buyers”.
  2. Go straight for booking a showing or scheduling a call.
  3. Promote an Open House event

I believe my research shows number three to be the most effective. Then offer number 1 as an Exit Pop Lead Magnet.

My research also suggests that company branding hurts conversion rates and you’ll get leads and sales from people who don’t go through the funnel and simply called the number you’ve included in the ad and the Landing Page or contact you directly through Facebook.

Having multiple contact options is smart marketing.

As a general rule of thumb in digital marketing, sending traffic to a “Value First” piece of content typically boosts conversions, but I didn’t find anyone yet who has tested this.


Once your visitor enters his/her name and/or email address (lets go with her because I like girls better), two things happen.

She is taken to the next page in your funnel which should be the  Open House ticket, the Lead Magnet or a booking/scheduling page AND her name and email address are added to you contact list.

I’ll talk about this page in a minute.

Once added to you email service provider’s contact database, known as your “list”, your previously written and setup email follow up sequence is triggered.

Because of the long buying cycle in real estate, there are three schools of thought on effectively addressing this issue with email:

  1. Try to get subscribers to take action; like show up to the Open House or schedule Private Showing
  2. Nurture your list and try to be on their mind when they are ready.
  3. Segment your list into the appropriate segment of their buying cycle.

I think it’s worth it to do all three, in the order listed above, but it does take time and effort.

It is also beneficial to your relationship to do broadcast emails sharing helpful info, including price drops, local and other market related, relevant news.


A Lead Magnet is an irresistible chunk of value offered in exchange for contact information; usually name and email address and sometimes phone.

As I discussed above, I think it’s best used as an exit offer. If your visitor is already leaving, making them an offer for something valuable and free is smart marketing.

This gives you a second chance to activate your email sequence, build a relationship, get them to take action and ultimately buy something from you when they are ready.

Your Lead Magnet should be helpful, easily consumable and when possible give your lead a taste of success.

Helpful PDFs with the titles I listed above would make great Lead Magnets.


Many people make “urgh” sounds when they think of exit pops, but the fact is THEY WORK! And, they work well. They often increase conversions dramatically.

If you are paying for traffic, they are a must.

Because your visitor is trying to leave, that means that they aren’t interested in booking a showing or call right now.

They were, however, interested enough to click your ad, so, maybe they are just not ready to commit right now?

You can still help them by going a bit broader and offer them something sensational.

If they opt in, they should next land on a delivery page where they are able to download their Lead Magnet.

This page should also include either a way to call, schedule a call or a link to your Booking Page.


After subscribing on your Squeeze Page, your lead should land on your delivery page. This is referred to as a Thank You Page in marketing terms.

If you’re promoting an Open House, you’d deliver the ticket or code and should share how awesome the event is going to be. Your phone number should also be available.

If you’re promoting  a private showing, your booking page should be iframed so your retargeting pixel can fire. You could send your subscribers directly to your calendar apps booking page but you’ll lose important/useful Facebook custom audience and conversion retargeting data.

I have used SetMore effectively and it’s free. Calenderly is another option.

Once they have completed scheduling a showing or a call with you, they have completed the online part of your funnel.

If you have an email sequence written to get them to book or call, you’ll need to manually remove them from that list and should move them to another list for people who have booked or called; or they will receive inappropriate, triggered emails from you.

Now it is your time to continue to move your lead through your funnel and make them a customer. Do what you do to sell them a house.


There is still more that will help you make your campaign more successful.

Retargeting makes use of effective, low cost advertising to recapture those who expressed interest but didn’t complete your online funnel (book or call).

Retargeting is Facebook’s way to advertise to audiences who took one action but not another.

For example, for those who clicked on your Facebook ad and landed on your Squeeze Page but not your Booking Page, you could advertise directly to them.

You could use the “oops , did life get in the way” copy or maybe offer them other homes or lead magnets.


Urgh, math sucks!

 …until it shows you how profitable your Real Estate Sales Funnel is. And, it’s critically important.

Here are important metrics you should be keeping an eye on:

  1. Cost Per Click – How much does it cost you every time someone clicks on your ad and visits your Landing Page? You can find this number in your Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Cost Per Lead – This is the cost of getting one person to subscribe to your list. You find CPL by taking your ad spend and dividing it by the total number of leads gained. Marketing Spend / Total New Leads = Cost Per Lead
  3. Cost Per Customer – This is what it costs you to acquire a new customer. Divide your total marketing costs by number of customers. This number will be more useful after completing multiple campaigns.
  4. Average Order Value – This is how much money, on average, each customer spends. Again, this is more useful after numerous campaigns have been completed. To calculate it, divide total revenue by the number of orders.
  5. Profit – Subtract your ad spend and other expenses from your commission once the house is sold to calculate your profit.
  6. ROI – Return on Investment is your investment expressed as a ratio. Here is the basic formula: ROI = Profit / Total Investment * 100.


Every market and house is different, so you’ll need to optimize your ads, audience and funnel during your campaigns.

You should also apply the lessons learned from one campaign to the next.

If you follow suggestions in this system outlined here, you’ll have a great chance of being very profitable right out of the gate.

My guess is that there will also be much room for improvement. As you track, test new ads and copy and apply what you have learned, your numbers will improve.

Sometimes dramatically!


One more thing you should know about sending paid traffic to your sales funnels.

Conversions typically increase if you send your traffic to high quality, “value first” content. You typically will also get better quality leads into your funnel.

More effort is required but this allows you, additionally to segment your leads so you can make better offers and ultimately lower your acquisition costs.


…and without spending a lot of time, money or effort.

If you like this strategy and want me to set it up for your business, I’m offering a special to get you started for FREE. Well, almost…

I wont charge you but you’ll have to pay Facebook for the ads.

I’ll setup the ads, the funnel and start generating leads for you for FREE, you just pay for the ads.

I’ll do this for 2 or 4 weeks at $5 or $10 a day; your call.

When it’s over, you can keep me, hire someone else or do it yourself. I’ll hand over the Facebook Ads and the Real Estate Sales Funnel (You will need a subscription to the special software and I’ll help you with that too).

All I want is a testimonial and to use your success story as a case study.

If you are wondering if this will work for your Real Estate business, let’s talk. No obligation. If you know it’s for you Contact me ASAP. I expect to close this down after I get a few testimonials.

You can also contact me on Facebook!

Contact me now if you want to use Facebook Ads and a simple Real Estate Sales Funnel to generate leads and sell more homes.

Long Island Home and Real Estate Experts Book Launch


William Cassidy, Goodwill Digital Founder, Announces Launch of Long Island Home And Real Estate Experts Book To Benefit Habitat For Humanity

Author, Publisher and Business Strategist William F. Cassidy Announces the November 15th launch of a new book titled Long Island Home And Real Estate Advocates. The book provides advice, strategies and tips for home owners and buyers from top real estate experts .

Long Island Home and Real Estate Experts Book Launch

Southampton, New York, November 10, 2016 – Author, Publisher and Business Strategist William F. Cassidy Announced yesterday that his publishing company, Goodwill Digital, is Launching a new book, titled Long Island Home And Real Estate Advocates. The book provides advice, strategies and tips for home owners and buyers from top home and real estate experts. It is expected to be released on on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 11am. The launch is a charity promotion with all proceeds being donated to Habitat For Humanity.

The book will feature interviews with top home and real estate professionals from Long Island who regularly help Long Islanders with their buying, selling and maintenance challenges.  It provides information that benefits all home owners; not just Long Islanders as Cassidy explains “The experts in our book don’t hold back and share strategies that would help any home owner, anywhere, enjoy home ownership without losing money to confusion, overwhelm or misinformation”.

Multi-author books are very popular because they present a variety of expert information that benefits readers while allowing professionals to get their work in front of audiences that need their help. These books provide topical insights that you may not find so easily elsewhere as each author is sharing to impress.

Habitat For Humanity is a charity organization that helps people work to purchase their own homes. Their mission is “Seeking to put God’s love into action Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope”. Their vision is “A world where everyone has a decent place to live”.

William F. Cassidy is a best selling author, publisher and business strategist with over 20 years of marketing and technology experience. He has been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and many others well known news media websites.

If you’d like more information Long Island Home And Real Estate’s launch or early bird notification for best pricing, visit

Long Island Home And Real Estate

# # #

Scary Marketing Advice Is Hurting Your Business

Do You Know What’s Really Scary?

I’m not talking about zombies, vampires, ghosts, ghouls or even our election choices. I’m talking about relying on your web designer for scary marketing advice.

Scary Marketing Advice

Implementing proven digital marketing strategies like sales funnels, retargeting, Facebook ads, Email Marketing, etc. will dramatically increase your bottom line.

Your web designer doesn’t know how to leverage these systems properly and it’s REALLY SCARY how much money you are losing because you are not getting good marketing advice.

Fear not, I can help you!

Go to my FB page, like it then schedule your FREE “Digital Marketing Consultation” to discuss your best options for leveraging digital marketing strategies that are guaranteed to improve your growth and income.

Happy Halloween!!!

Barrett Brooks Inspired CVO Sales Funnel Dating Analogy

Barrett Brooks, an ex NFL Tackle and Superbowl Champion, currently a host on the popular Philadelphia sports show Breakfast On Broad, inspired me to analogize the CVO Sales Funnel process to dating when he compared Philadelphia Eagle’s replacement Right Tackle Halapoulivaati Vaitai’s performance over the last two Eagles games to dating.

Halapoulivaati made his first two starts against the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings.

In his his first game he had some difficulties and in the second game, he seemed to be more comfortable and played a much better game.

Barret initially makes an analogy of his performance to dating on Eagles Post Game Live.

Barret then follows up and expands on the analogy the next morning on BOB. Watch this video because this one is really funny.

This inspired me to compare the CVO sales funnel process to dating. So here goes:

The CVO Sales Funnel Dating Analogy

The CVO sales funnel process is like dating because they both follow the natural progression of a relationship. One is personal and one is business.

A sales funnel is simply a systematic process that companies lead people through when purchasing products. It’s the “ideal” process you intend your customers to experience as they go from initial contact to prospect to lead to customer to repeat buyer.

BTW, the goal of the sales funnel is to increase immediate and lifetime customer value and is called Customer Value Optimization. The process of improving a CVO Sales Funnel is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). And, it works extraordinarily well for both online and offline businesses.

Because I’m a guy, I’ll use dating girls for this analogy, but it works either way.

In marketing we call people who do not know us “cold traffic”.

In dating or business our first goal is to make someone aware that we even exist; and in doing so, hopefully, leave a favorable or memorable impression.

The best way to reach this goal is to introduce ourselves and add some value.

In dating we may say hello and hold a door, make a joke or give some small gesture.

In business, we give away valuable, helpful content. It’s called content marketing.

In either case we need to demonstrate value.

Our next goal is engagement.

We want, in dating, to talk and communicate more than “hello”; to deepen the relationship and become more memorable.

In business, we want you to like, share and comment on our content. This is called engagement.

Next, we want our prospective dates and/or prospects to take a more committed action.

In business, many get this next step wrong by asking too much. A lot of businesses ask you to buy their products. This is analogous to asking to get married before dating.

The next step should be the promise of something irresistible, low risk, that gives a taste of what value you have to offer in exchange for contact information.

In dating we may ask for a phone number to setup a coffee date. In business we may ask for your email address so we can send you more great content in our newsletter. Among other things…

This action is called “subscribing”. The most effective way to get subscribers is to use what we call Lead Magnets.

A Lead Magnet is an irresistible piece of value that solves a specific problem or issue that the prospect has.  

So, to this point, we provided value to create awareness, we were delightfully helpful which created engagement and we asked for a low risk commitment in exchange for a future benefit.

The next step is a bigger commitment and a fundamental change in the relationship.

In dating, this may be dinner and a movie. You can see the larger investment, from both parties, and how the relationship will fundamentally change.

Same with sales funnels. This step is when a lead turns into a customer. The lead gives you money. The amount doesn’t matter. They also commit a larger investment of their time. The relationship has fundamentally changed because of the exchange of money.

We call this a Trip Wire: an irresistible low cost offer designed for one reason only; to turn leads into customers as fast as possible.

CVO Sales Funnel Is Like Dating

During the segment on BOB, co-hosts Jillian Mele and Sarah Baicker had their heads down laughing as Barret continued; I think in hopes he would stop.

So, although there are more steps in a sales funnel, I’ll mention them but I’ll stop my analogy because I don’t want to be laughed at. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you read what the steps are called.

The next step in a CVO Sales Funnel is the Core Offer followed by the Profit Maximizer and lastly the Return Path. You can figure what they would be in dating. Interpretations may vary…

Are you laughing? You see why I ended the analogy?

But I won’t leave you hanging, if you want to know more, contact me or leave your questions and comments below.

If you think that your business would benefit from a CVO sales funnel, and almost all would, then definitely contact me.

I’ll help you determine if building one is right for you. No obligations.

So, did you like this post and analogy? If so, please engage and share with your friends who may benefit from selling from a CVO Sales Funnel; and join my newsletter by entering you name in the form below for more great content.

Digital Marketing Strategist Announces New Facebook Community


Digital Marketing Strategist, William Cassidy, Announces New Facebook Community To Fight Industry Confusion And Mis-information

William Cassidy, a Digital Marketing Strategist and owner of Goodwill Digital Publishing and Marketing Agency, announced on Monday the launch of a new Facebook group to help fight against the online marketing industry’s notorious information obfuscation. The group, Super Marketing Party, is now open and is designed to foster a fun, positive community that creates, supports and celebrates business success. Professionals and business owners who want to achieve business success faster are encouraged to join.

Digital Marketing Strategist

William Cassidy, a Digital Marketing Strategist and owner of Goodwill Digital Publishing and Marketing Agency, announced Monday the launch of a new Facebook group to help fight against the online marketing industry’s notorious information obfuscation. Many business owners, professionals and potential entrepreneurs stay lost in marketing inaction due to the industry’s notorious mis-information, confusion and overwhelm created by a landscape of inexperienced product creators and unethical sales tactics.

ProBOs, as Cassidy calls them, could quickly and easily improve almost every aspect of their businesses by implementing the strategies that the top digital marketers use but rarely share.

Cassidy states “ProBOs could quickly, easily and exponentially grow their business and income if they knew and implemented the same digital marketing strategies that the gurus are using, instead of the ones they are selling”. He continues by qualifying that not all marketers are disingenuous, but finding and knowing who is trustworthy can be difficult and often leaves seekers confused, overwhelmed and unable to implement the business strategies that would benefit them the most.

The group is currently open to anyone who wants to participate although Cassidy says that that may change. Group rules indicate that it’s permissible to share your products but repetitive ads are not allowed.

William F. Cassidy is a best selling author, publisher and business strategist with over 20 years of marketing and technology experience. He has been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and many others well known news media websites.

To join the Super Marketing Party Facebook Group, please visit or contact William Cassidy at 631.287.6615 for more information.


Stop Pissing Away Money On Worthless Marketing Campaigns

Here’s why I always say that big companies are wasting money paying incompetent marketing agencies for ineffective marketing campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns

I’m an Eagles Fan and over the weekend I watched two commercials during the game that I’d like to comment on.

The first was a Geico commercial that was really funny.

Lemonade Not Ice T

Even though it’s was a branding (which makes no sense to me) commercial and had nothing to do with the product, I do remember who the company is.

How often do you see a commercial and can’t remember the brand?

The second commercial for example. I don’t remember the brand and it makes me wonder how somebody got to be in charge of marketing?

It was a car company and during the Eagles game. They showed a clip of a NFC playoff game from last year.


Do you really think Eagles fans give a shit about a Seahawks game?

Why not save your money and make your product cheaper?

Who was it that decided playing a clip of teams not playing in the current game was good a branding idea? I mean, did you skip marketing 101?

So, that’s my tip. Make sure your ads, offers and other content are coherent, congruent and the next logical step in your customer’s journey, then you’ll have much more effective marketing campaigns

What You Need To Avoid When Using Content Upgrades To Generate Leads

Content Upgrades

Yesterday I explained what content upgrades are and today I’ll share what you need to avoid if you want to use them effectively.

Before I explain, I want to make sure you understand the purpose of a content upgrade in the CVO Sales Funnel.

Again, the content upgrade is simply a Lead Magnet linked from individual blog posts.

Although you can send traffic straight to a Lead Magnet, conversion rates will be higher if you send them to RELATED content first. Especially cold traffic.

Warm traffic can be sent, and will get high conversion rates, to a well designed Squeeze Page.

Once subscribed, your prospect should be presented with a Trip Wire offer.

A Trip Wire offer is an irresistible, low cost offer that leads to your signature offer. The Lead Magnet and Trip Wire are both designed to give your user a taste of the success (the results that your offers promise).

From your perspective, their purpose is to turn visitors into leads and leads into customers as quickly as possible.

Why? Because customers are more likely to buy your other offers. Of course.

The biggest problems with making Lead Magnets for each, individual blog post, as I see it, is the time and effort commitment.

Your Lead Magnet shouldn’t be a crappy cheat sheet that consists of your article headlines with the content deleted turned into a downloadable PDF.

I already see this happening.

If your Lead Magnet doesn’t provide value and solve a specific problem, it’s not a Lead Magnet.

If it doesn’t lead into an appropriate sales funnel, then you’ll have a bunch of leads but no customers.

Obviously you can monetize that list but it’s not optimal.

Once you develop multiple Lead Magnets that lead into the appropriate sales funnel, using content upgrades will take minimal extra effort.

It’s certainly a smart strategy to incorporate Lead Magnets that relate to your content into you blog posts.

Avoid being lazy and creating a bunch of worthless Lead Magnets, make sure your Lead Magnets lead into related sales funnels and don’t waste the opportunity to impress your prospects; provide a taste of success and prove the results you are promising.

If Content Is King, What Are Content Upgrades

What Are Content Upgrades

Content is king… We’ve all heard that before. And who can argue that? Well, I can; but I won’t. This time. So, what are content upgrades?

Last night I read several bog posts about this new, amazing way to generate more leads.

I was confused because “content upgrades” weren’t what I thought.

To me a content upgrade is turning a blog post into a report or turning a report into a paid course. More about re-purposing content into something better.

But, I was wrong!

Content upgrades are targeted lead magnets nestled in related blog posts designed to increase list subscribers.

Just in case, Lead Magnets are irresistible chunks of value that solves a specific problem offered in exchange for contact info. Usually a name and email address.

They are typically found on the side bar or bottom of a web page, a popup or dedicated on what is called a Squeeze Page.

An opt-in is not a Lead Magnet. A Lead Magnet uses an opt-in form to capture the contact info, but a Lead Magnet must be specific.

Content upgrades are related to and add value to the content you are consuming.

e.g. If you are reading a blog post about advertising on Facebook, a content upgrade might be a template, checklist or cheat sheet about Facebook ads.

The content upgrade would probably be presented as a link, a colored box, an image or a button in multiple parts of the blog post.

The main point about content upgrades is that they are designed specifically for each blog post for the sole purpose of increasing opt-in conversion rates.

And, they do work.

But, this is not new.

Basic marketing tells us that related offers will have a higher conversion rate.

And, this is fundamental customer value optimization principle.

Calling this method a “content upgrade”, is actually more about positioning.

If you come up with a new name for something, you are automatically positioned as a thought leader. More so, if what you named catches on.

So, my tip is about positioning.

Think about ways you can re-frame something with a new name and instantly become a thought leader.

I like my definition of content upgrades, so maybe I’ll start calling them “education add ons”.

Positioning is probably the best shortcut to success I’ve ever found.

Try it!

As for content upgrades as highly targeted Lead Magnets, use them as they are one of the best ways to generate leads.

In my next blog post I’ll share what you need to avoid when using content upgrades – urrrgh, education add ons.

Happy Tumbleweed Tuesday!

It’s one of my favorite days (despite it’s ALWAYS overcast, colder and windy?) in the Hamptons and I’m missing it this year.

You know how excited you are when guests visit for the weekend? You do a lot of stuff and have a lot of fun. BUT, you are super glad when they leave and you can clean up and relax.

Well, that’s how most Hampton’s locals feel today. We enjoy the start of summer but our guests stay for 3 months, some even longer, now we’re glad they are all gone.

Tumbleweed Tuesday

So, today the locals throw beach parties to celebrate and the south fork appears like a ghost town.

Everyone is happy to begin enjoying what I believe most locals think is the best time of the year.

Then the holidays, winter -yuck-; then we’ll all (mostly) be excited for St Patty’s day as we know it’ll all start over again.

Happy Tumbleweed Tuesday!

Ben Settle 30 Day Writing Challenge

I’m taking A Ben Settle 30 day writing challenge, sort of…

Don’t tell him!

Not that he cares. I’m just not sure I want to become material for his next email.30 Day Writing Challenge

I’ve been a fan of Ben’s for awhile and he’s one of the few people that I actually read his emails on a regular basis. He’s an EXPERT Email Marketer, anti-professional and very entertaining.

…And, he’s worth following; even if you don’t want to make MORE money.

I recently re-read a recent email from him headlined “The more you write the luckier you’ll get”.

He challenges his readers to write one email to sell your product, write one chapter of a novel, and write a section/chapter of an info product as soon as you wake up.

I’m assuming brewing coffee is allowed.

So, I decided to except his challenge.

Sort of…

I’m not interested in writing a novel so I’ve axed that part.

Plus, I really believe in minimum effective dose.

Read “lazy”.

Writing an email a day and a section of an info product should keep me busy for a few hours.

With the bulk of that time spent getting ready to write (You know; making the coffee and fluffing my chair pillow) or staring at my pc thinking about what to write.

The point of Ben’s challenge, me thinks, is to just do it.

Stop thinking, learning and “getting ready”. Just start and get the education and skills by doing.

I believe that’s good advice. Especially for marketing professionals.

So, I put my faith in Ben’s direction and I hope I can develop skills to keep the readers of my emails entertained, inspired and informed.

P.S. If you are stuck in your own writing challenge or simply wanting to get started doing something that will help you grow, I found some inspiration in this video and maybe you will too: