The Best Business Card You Can Have

What Is The Best Business Card You Can Have?

The answer is the same for all your marketing material. It’s the same for your business card, website, radio or TV commercial.

It’s whatever creates a clear reason for your prospects to pick you.

For example, imagine you are a doctor.

This works the same for dentists, contractors, coaches or whatever your profession.

When a prospect is searching for someone to solve a problem that you solve, faced with multiple similar choices, that prospect will want to choose the one with the best credentials . Who doesn’t want to work with the best. BTW, only those that think they can’t afford to.

So for doctors, few would choose someone without MD after their name.

But all doctors have that. So people do not even pay attention to that. It’s expected.

What’s next that will provide a clear reason to pick you?

What if you were a published, best selling author that has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.? What if you were a “minor celebrity”, for lack of a better word?

As Seen On

That’s a clear reason to pick you.

The main reason someone would not choose you is price. They would expect to have to pay premium prices to work with you.


Here’s the best part.

People who do choose you are also expecting to pay premium prices. So, when you have that credibility you can immediately command more money.

Here’s the bottom line. When you have “authority” and expert status” more people will pick you and will pay you more money for the privilege of working with you.

You will make more money and garner more respect.

Additionally you will no longer have to chase leads and prospects because trust is gained instantly that quickly differentiates you from your competition.

Makes sense, right?

The biggest problem to gaining this authority, however, has been time.

The mindset is often “It takes forever to write a book and for national media to be interested in me, besides, becoming a best selling author.”.


Today, you can become a published, best selling author who has been featured on national media news sites like CNN, ABC, etc. in 30 days or less. Guaranteed!

I can make that happen for you. I have a proven system that allows me to guarantee you best selling author status and national media exposure. My group and I have successfully created over one hundred best selling authors, without fail. 

Even if you can’t write a book, have no time or have never had national media exposure.

You can have this. You can be this. You deserve this!

All of your marketing material should note your achievements and expert status.

This is the best business card you can have!

Contact me and give your prospects will have a clear reason to pick you.


William Cassidy is a best selling author, publisher and digital marketer who specializes in customer value optimization, advanced positioning and digital marketing strategies. Bill helps business owners and professionals increase their leads and sales in 30 days or less, so they can experience online success without wasting a lot of time, energy or money.

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