What Business Owners And Professionals Could Learn From The Philadelphia Eagles

In the video below Chip Kelly, The coach of the Philadelphia Eagles Football team, discusses the speed the team completed their team photos.


“We had to get a good photo, which is first and foremost. We set a record 4 minutes and 40 seconds.” He says in the interview.

The lesson for business professionals is that results don’t have to take a long time.

Often as professionals we want to make everything perfect, do it the way it has been done and don’t even think that maybe there is a faster, better way.

For example: How long do you think it would take; from start to finish; to write, publish and market a book and become a best selling author?

It takes some people years just to write a book. Then there’s illustrations, cover graphics, formatting, etc. before it’s even published.

Do you know anything about publishing and marketing?

You get my point. It could take a long time.

What if I told you that you could be a published, “Best Selling Author” in less than 30 Days?

The Eagles Photos could have taken hours but they got the same result in less than 5 minutes.

You could write, publish, and market a book yourself (Maybe best seller?). How long would that take?

Or you could contact me and Be A Best Selling Author in 30 days or less.

You see, I have a proven system and can get you the same results but much faster. And with less hassle.

This is what Chip Kelly Knows: It’s not about how long something takes, it’s about the results.

And… That’s my business. I sell and deliver results. Publishing, Positioning and Marketing Results.

And… You can be a Best Selling Author in 30 day or less.

Being a best selling author is one of the quickest ways to generate credibility, convert prospects and fuel organic recognition.

Imagine telling your fiends and clients that you are a Best Selling Author.

What will they think of you?

Imagine what your prospects will think when they see best selling author credentials on your website and other marketing material.

Imagine what your competition will think.

My Authority Positioning Services can work for almost anyone.

If you are a business owner or professional (Realtor, Doctor, Coach, Consultant or Contractor) who wants to help your clients and prospects be successful, then this might be for you.

Simply contact me to learn more.

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