Scary Marketing Advice Is Hurting Your Business

Do You Know What’s Really Scary?

I’m not talking about zombies, vampires, ghosts, ghouls or even our election choices. I’m talking about relying on your web designer for scary marketing advice.

Scary Marketing Advice

Implementing proven digital marketing strategies like sales funnels, retargeting, Facebook ads, Email Marketing, etc. will dramatically increase your bottom line.

Your web designer doesn’t know how to leverage these systems properly and it’s REALLY SCARY how much money you are losing because you are not getting good marketing advice.

Fear not, I can help you!

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Happy Halloween!!!

Stop Pissing Away Money On Worthless Marketing Campaigns

Here’s why I always say that big companies are wasting money paying incompetent marketing agencies for ineffective marketing campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns

I’m an Eagles Fan and over the weekend I watched two commercials during the game that I’d like to comment on.

The first was a Geico commercial that was really funny.

Lemonade Not Ice T

Even though it’s was a branding (which makes no sense to me) commercial and had nothing to do with the product, I do remember who the company is.

How often do you see a commercial and can’t remember the brand?

The second commercial for example. I don’t remember the brand and it makes me wonder how somebody got to be in charge of marketing?

It was a car company and during the Eagles game. They showed a clip of a NFC playoff game from last year.


Do you really think Eagles fans give a shit about a Seahawks game?

Why not save your money and make your product cheaper?

Who was it that decided playing a clip of teams not playing in the current game was good a branding idea? I mean, did you skip marketing 101?

So, that’s my tip. Make sure your ads, offers and other content are coherent, congruent and the next logical step in your customer’s journey, then you’ll have much more effective marketing campaigns

Ben Settle 30 Day Writing Challenge

I’m taking A Ben Settle 30 day writing challenge, sort of…

Don’t tell him!

Not that he cares. I’m just not sure I want to become material for his next email.30 Day Writing Challenge

I’ve been a fan of Ben’s for awhile and he’s one of the few people that I actually read his emails on a regular basis. He’s an EXPERT Email Marketer, anti-professional and very entertaining.

…And, he’s worth following; even if you don’t want to make MORE money.

I recently re-read a recent email from him headlined “The more you write the luckier you’ll get”.

He challenges his readers to write one email to sell your product, write one chapter of a novel, and write a section/chapter of an info product as soon as you wake up.

I’m assuming brewing coffee is allowed.

So, I decided to except his challenge.

Sort of…

I’m not interested in writing a novel so I’ve axed that part.

Plus, I really believe in minimum effective dose.

Read “lazy”.

Writing an email a day and a section of an info product should keep me busy for a few hours.

With the bulk of that time spent getting ready to write (You know; making the coffee and fluffing my chair pillow) or staring at my pc thinking about what to write.

The point of Ben’s challenge, me thinks, is to just do it.

Stop thinking, learning and “getting ready”. Just start and get the education and skills by doing.

I believe that’s good advice. Especially for marketing professionals.

So, I put my faith in Ben’s direction and I hope I can develop skills to keep the readers of my emails entertained, inspired and informed.

P.S. If you are stuck in your own writing challenge or simply wanting to get started doing something that will help you grow, I found some inspiration in this video and maybe you will too:

Top 7 Email Marketing Ailments

Top 7 Email Marketing Ailments (And Their Surefire Remedies)

Is your email marketing failing to deliver the results you expected?

If so, it may be in poor health. Like a doctor, you need to diagnose the problem before you can apply a cure.Below, we’ll cover the top 7 “bugs” afflicting today’s email marketing campaigns.

I’ll describe each one and present its remedy.

By the time you finish reading, you’ll know how to ensure your next campaign is in great health.

Click the email marketing ailments image below to read the article.


The TopRank Marketing 7 Point Email Marketing Engagement Cheat Sheet

Email marketing presents a whole host of opportunities (and challenges) for companies that want to engage prospects and customers on an ongoing basis. You may have found that creating quality email content on a consistent basis can seem like a lot of work. Which leads you to question if it’s really worth the effort.In 2014 eMarketer found that email marketing was cited as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the United States. With research like that backing up the usefulness of email marketing, it’s a tactic you can’t afford to ignore.


7 Ways to Step Up Your Email Marketing Game in 2016 by Caitlin Burgess

Email marketing is a great, cost-effective way to engage prospective customers and nurture relationships with current customers. And email is actually welcomed by consumers. In fact, recent research has found that a whopping 91% of Americans say they want to receive promo emails.But let’s face it. With email being one of the most common forms of communication these days, your customers inboxes are most likely a little full. And it’s time for you to step up your game if you want to continue connecting with subscribers and encouraging them to do business with you.While we’re almost halfway through 2016, there’s still time to make the most of the latest email marketing tricks and trends. Below are seven considerations for creating an emails that will resonate with your audience and help you up your game.


What 300+ Content Marketing Campaigns Can Teach You

What 300+ Content Marketing Campaigns Can Teach You About Earning Links

In a recent Whiteboard Friday about 10x content, Rand said to expect it to take 5 to 10 attempts before you’ll create a piece of content that’s a hit.

If you’ve been at the content marketing game for a while, you probably agree with Rand. Seasoned content marketers know you’re likely to see a percentage of content flops before you achieve a big win. Then, as you gain a sense for why some content fails and other content succeeds, you integrate what you’ve learned into your process. Gradually, you start batting fewer base hits and more home runs.

At Fractl, we regularly look back at campaign performance and refine our production and promotion processes based on what the data tells us. Are publishers rejecting a certain content format? Is there a connection between Domain Authority (DA) and the industry vertical we targeted? Do certain topics attract the most social shares? These are the types of questions we ask, and then we use the related data to create better content.

We recently dug through three years of content marketing campaigns and asked: What factors increase content’s ability to earn links? In this post, I’ll show you what we found.Methodology


Three Email Marketing Tips

Our Top Three Email Marketing Tips

Did you know that the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, whereas the probability of selling to a new prospect is just 5-20%? These figures demonstrate how it is crucial for businesses to retain a loyal customer base. This is where email newsletters can help. By implementing targeted email marketing strategies within your existing digital marketing campaign, your company can garner loyalty from both new and existing customers, which will in turn boost your brand reputation and increase your profit margins. To help you do so, listed below are Creative Intent’s top three email marketing tips:


What To Say To Your Email Subscriber List

Do you ever find yourself with a list of email subscribers, only to not know what to say or when to say it?

There is one simple way that content marketers and digital entrepreneurs can develop their relationships with their email subscribers.

It’s the tried, true, and often overlooked … email newsletter.

Creating an email newsletter for your audience is an exceptional way to build a trust-based relationship.

A consistent email newsletter enables you to give, give, give.

Giving makes it easier when it comes time to ask for feedback, input — or for the sale.

More importantly, it enables and allows you to listen and have real conversations with your audience. This is where you can begin to go deep and turn your email subscribers into a true audience.
Where does a newsletter fit into your content strategy?
Once you’ve created a smart content marketing strategy, you work hard to promote your valuable content.

With consistent and effective content promotion, people visit your website and you direct them to sign up for your email list.


Then you get busy creating more content, which also needs to be promoted. It can be a tough cycle. Luckily, as a smart content marketer, you are up for the challenge.

Your content’s goal shouldn’t just be to generate traffic; you should aim to connect with your audience — and draw them closer to your solutions.

Starting and running a remarkable newsletter is about creating an experience by enabling your subscribers to connect with you and your message.

Your newsletter is a valuable piece of content. Make it a priority in your schedule, so you can create an experience for your readers that will take them on a journey deeper into your brand.

So, which type of newsletter should you start?

There are three main types of newsletters to choose from.

Each has its own benefits and hurdles to overcome — but each will help and encourage your readers to know, like, and trust you.
1. Offer your best work
This email newsletter type (at least within the marketing space) has been brought to popularity by Chris Brogan and his weekly email. It must be unique and cannot be found anywhere else before it is sent to your subscribers’ inboxes.

Chris promotes his newsletter as simply the best work he does — and he follows through on his promise every Sunday morning.

According to Chris, his newsletter accounts for 70 percent of his revenue and builds authority for himself and his company, Owner Media Group.

Of course, writing a weekly email can be a lot of work.

Don’t make it an afterthought — think of it as an integral piece of your content strategy. This mindset shift will allow it to become as valuable to you as it is to Chris.

Your best-work newsletter provides the reader with a fresh piece of unique content and the feeling that they’re part of an exclusive group. It feels like a friend writing to a friend.

To craft an effective best-work newsletter, you will need to:
Write exclusive content every week. Set a schedule and stick to it. Start writing even before you have a lot of subscribers.
Writing your best work each week is an effective way to show up for your audience, build relationships, and produce significant revenue.

But committing to the task may also be daunting. If that’s the case for you, you may prefer a different style of newsletter.
2. Curate content to become a helpful resource
Do you spend countless hours every week scouring blogs, news sites, and social media to consume all the latest and greatest information written in your industry?

Maybe you have what it takes to publish a curated newsletter.

Collect the most valuable information in your market, and then add your personality and unique voice when you summarize and introduce the links.

Most of us love to consume great content, but we don’t all have the time or patience to do the legwork and look for the best content. This is where your curation skills provide value for your audience.

Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin have done this with enormous success. The two have taken their passion for the news and turned it into a brilliant business.

They publish a daily curated email called theSkimm, and they have built an email list of more than 1.5 million subscribers.

To craft an effective curation newsletter, you will need to:
Add your unique voice to the newsletter. Choose an overarching theme but cover several topics. Publish the archives to your website and encourage sharing.
As an effective piece of content and audience-building tool, a curation newsletter has been proven time and time again to be a component of a winning content marketing strategy.

Plus, you now have an excuse for endlessly browsing the web — you’re curating!
3. Summarize and highlight your content
What if your business already produces a ton of valuable, useful, and remarkable content each week?

If so, producing another piece of unique content may not be necessary.

This doesn’t mean you should overlook starting a newsletter. It simply means you have an opportunity to focus your time and resources on increasing the value of the content you have already crafted — you do this with a summary newsletter.

A summary newsletter specifically showcases the best and most valuable content your business has created throughout the previous week.

Sean D’Souza at Psychotactics writes my favorite example of this type of newsletter.

Sean writes twice each week and uses his newsletter to showcase his latest article or podcast episode, a product offering, a list of his top-selling products, and free resources. He uses a template for each newsletter, which makes it easier to produce.

To craft an effective summary newsletter, you will need to:
Produce a steady stream of valuable and useful content. Have products or services to promote and showcase. Design a template and use a consistent layout.
Summary newsletters don’t typically have a lot of space for you to show your personality, but they are an effective way to regularly update your audience.
Make your choice and go deep with your subscribers
No matter what your content strategy or schedule looks like right now, you’ll benefit from putting an effective email newsletter in place and consistently staying in touch with your subscribers.

You can start today by committing to write a unique piece of content every week, curate the highlights from your industry, or simply summarize the content you have created during the past week.

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