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I want to include your business in my next photo essay for the popular Small Business Trendsetters website and make you a celebrity...for FREE.

Now, I’m not talking about being a celebrity like Taylor Swift or Jimmy Fallon. You don’t have to be anywhere near that famous. I mean making you celebrity in your own corner of the world… to the people that do business with you.

If you, in any way, rely on knowledge, expertise or credibility to stand out from your competitors, then this will give an advantage that instantly makes you the obvious choice to all of them.

This advantage moves products off the shelf, attracts the best customers and earns the highest fees. It stimulates a cycle of success that continually brings in new business every month.

We call this advantage “authority positioning”, and we've discovered the easy formula to create it for business owners like you.

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I will include your business in a photo essay in Small Business Trendsetters, then show you how to use that appearance to get more customers.

Step 1 - Email Me The Picture
Step 2 - I Publish It
Step 3 - Get More Customers
Contact me at bc@goodwilldigital.com to find out the type of pictures needed. Then just email it to me!
I’ll publish a photo essay about your business on Small Business Trendsetters within days of receiving the image from you.
I show you how to use that appearance to bring more customers into your business.
If you have any questions, simply contact me. The easiest way to do that is to click the previous link and use our contact page. You can also shoot me an email at bc@goodwilldigital.com or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
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