How to Use Your About Us Page to Connect With Customers By Elena Ruchko

Consider how Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn used the power of stories in a social experiment.

The Significant Objects project was designed to demonstrate how a narrative can affect an object’s value.The creators asked writers to craft rich stories about each object, then they posted each item for sale on eBay accompanied by the sentimental story in the product description.

The pink horse product description shared a tragic faux story of a person who sold their body for cigarettes, alcohol, and food; had two daughters who died in fantastical tragedies; and loved the pink horse – the little girls’ only valuable possession. Purchased for $1, the toy horse sold for $104.50.Cumulatively, they sold all their thrift-store objects (average purchase price $1.25) for an average price of $129.

I share the Significant Objects project not to suggest or endorse creating fictional stories to sell your brand, but to show the power of stories and how they help us connect as human beings and help raise the perceived value of an object.How can you incorporate that power into your brand’s content? Read more: http://rock.ly/s-cam



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