Interview Tips
When we have a great interview it means we'll have a great chapter. To improve are chances of having a great interview, I made a few notes to help you be prepared, answered a few questions you may have and included a set of interview questions with the desired results for creating a great chapter:

  • It should take about 15 minutes or so...we are in no hurry.
  • Before we start, think about one problem you help people solve, something lucrative for you.
  • The questions are open ended, about your clients and designed to get you talking, don't be shy and focus on how you help your clients.
  • The first question is about you but will not be included in the chapter. It's to get you warmed up and to help me write your bio.
  • The interview is recorded and edited, so don't worry about anything, we edit out ums, ahs, pauses and anything else we don't want.
  • It's also helpful if you are not driving, especially on a highway, during the recording. : )
One Problem/One Solution Interview Questions

The goal of this interview is to speak to your “Perfect Prospect” [THE READER]. I will ask one question from each of the following sections.

Bio Question
Q: Tell me about yourself, personally and professionally. Please include all your credentials?

The Lead Question
Q: Tell me about [Business Name] and the types of customers you help?
Q: Describe the clients [Business Name] work with?

  • This answer should also include the following information.
    • Why they would want to achieve this outcome
    • The outcome / result your business helps customers achieve

The Backstory Question
Q: What led you to this field?
Q: How did you get started in this business?

  • It’s best to start this reply with “we / I / company name” helps…
  • This answer should describe your “Perfect Prospect” [THE READER].
  • A way to engage the reader and create interesting content is to include a short story about a specific time or event when you caught the bug to do what you do.
  • This might include a book, movie, person that inspired you.
  • Talk about what drives you and your passion to do what you do and help the people you help.

The Problem Question
Q: What is the most common obstacle preventing your [THE READER] from achieving this outcome?
Q: What’s the biggest misconception [THE READER] may have about achieving outcome?
Q: What’s the biggest pitfall [THE READER] may not be aware of?

  • Your answer should be a common problem facing your “Perfect Prospect”.
  • Your answer will let them know that you understand their problem and that it may not be as unique as they think. 

The Solution Question
Q: How can [THE READER] avoid or overcome this obstacle to successfully achieve the outcome?

  • One of the best ways to answer this question is to describe how you have helped customers with this obstacle in the past.
  • Include the following:
    • How they came to face the obstacle.
    • What they could have done to avoid the obstacle
    • The result your business helped them achieve and / or unpleasant consequences your business helped them avoid

The Educator Question
Q: What would be your best piece of advice to [THE READER] who is considering….
Q: What’s the first thing [THE READER] should do if they are ready to…..
Q: What’s the most import thing [THE READER] should think about if they are about to….

  • This is a great place to address some common reasons that prospects that could easily benefit from working with you might choose not to.
  • For example
    • Is it price
    • Time commitment
    • What others would think
    • Not convinced it would work for them
    • Think they could do it themselves

The Call to Action Question
Q: How can [THE READER] find out more about how to...
Q: What’s the best way for [THE READER] to learn more about your...
Q: If [THE READER] thinks they might be ready to, how can the connect

  • This is a great place to give a specific call to action.
  • Rather than just give a website or phone #, let [THE READER] know exactly what to do.
  • For example
    • “I have a free report about xyz they can download at www….”
    • “ If someone feels they are facing…. the best thing they can do is give me call at 555-555-5555 and we’ll do xyz”.
    • A contact section will also be included with the book chapter but you can strengthen the message with a specific “Call to Action”.
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