Leading Medical Experts Wanted For Ebola Article

Who wants to be quoted in a CNN article as a leading medical expert?

Ebola Medical ExpertIf you know something about Ebola that others don’t and are willing
to share, you’re perfect.

My name is William Cassidy, and I’m writing an article to be published on CNN about Ebola safety and awareness.

I need 2-3 different Doctors or other healthcare workers from different areas to give their opinions on this topic.

What you get for doing this is:
-Claim as seen on CNN
-Tell your prospects, clients and friends
-Display on your website and other marketing material
-Differentiate from competitors in a way prospects can easily identify

What I need you to do now is simply fill in your answers to the questions here.

Thank you very much.


William Cassidy is a best selling author, publisher and digital marketer who specializes in customer value optimization, advanced positioning and digital marketing strategies. Bill helps business owners and professionals increase their leads and sales in 30 days or less, so they can experience online success without wasting a lot of time, energy or money.

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