Long Island Home and Real Estate Experts Wanted

Are you a Long Island home or real estate expert?

If you are, and are willing and able to share helpful information about buying, selling or maintaining a home or property on Long Island, we need you.

We have a very exciting project in the works, and would like to invite you to apply to be a part of it.

We are looking for 20 expert contributors (realtors, mortgage brokers, contractors or other home and real estate professionals and business owners) to share their knowledge, experience and story about how they help their clients navigate towards successful home ownership.

We are going to put all these stories together and publish in a book titled, Long Island Home & Real Estate Advocates: Top Home and Real Estate Experts From Long Island Share Their Best Advice, Strategies and Tips

This is VERY different from our past books:

  • We are not charging a fee to be included
  • Each chapter will be in interview format
  • The chapter will be about you, not written by you
  • 100% of the royalties will go to Habitat For Humanity, a charity that gives a hand up not a hand out.

To be included, all you have to do is pre-purchase 30 copies (cost $200) to hand out to customers, prospects, friends and family.

My experience is that you will EASILY pass out 30 books...and get a crazy high ROI from it.

This is a passion of ours, and is about much more than money.

So, if you want to help Habitat in a no stress project, that will also give your business exposure...apply at the link below.

Long Island Home And Real Estate Advocates Expert Contributor Application

You can also contact me or use chat below and I'll happily answer all your questions.

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