Self Publishing

Self publishing is easy compared to traditional publishing but if you've never done it before it can be time consuming and frustrating.

Wouldn't you rather being doing what you do instead of finding and managing outsourcers for your graphics, book cover, formatting and marketing?

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Our service saves you time, money and energy so you have the freedom to be doing what you love without worrying about completing tedious self publishing tasks...or doing them incorrectly.

We Can Help You Publish Your Book

Here is what is included when you purchase today for Only $795

Pricing, marketing and publishing strategies consultation and support. All your publishing questions answered.

Your book properly formatted for Amazon KDP, and other platforms, publishing

Research KDP categories and keywords for optimal sales and marketing

Amazon KDP account setup

Upload, schedule your launch date and time and publish your book

BONUS: A News Release announcing your book deal and launch

So, you've finished your book and ready to publish but you don't feel like dealing with formatting TOC and graphics, keyword research and the other publishing tasks.

You are busy and you want the easiest, quickest way to publish your book without aggravation and hassle. Simply send us your manuscript and info and we'll take care of everything for you.

We'll also advise you on pricing, marketing, publishing strategies and any other questions you may have.

And, when you purchase today, I'm including a professionally written new release announcing your book deal and launch. Your bonus news release will be syndicated to the news outlets of the major national media including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. Your book will be in the news!


We Can Complete A Publishing Task For You


If you want your table of contents and graphics to display properly in multiple download formats, this is for you...Only $95

Book Cover

Professionally designed book covers will save you time and draw buyers. You get two revisions...Only $95


If you want any chance at a best selling book, you need to do thorough category and keyword research...Only $295

Account Setup

Yes, it's something anyone can do, but maybe you don't want to spend the time, We'll happily do it for you...Only $95

Bare Bones

Formatting, category and keyword research, KDP account setup and upload, schedule and publish...Only $395

News Release

Professionally written and syndicated to major national news media outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX...Only $495

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