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Straight To Voicemail
Broadcast Your Offer, Without Ringing A Phone, To Your List Or Mine...

Would your business benefit from the ability to broadcast your customized message straight to the voicemail box of your customers or prospects? Without their phone ringing.

Talk only to people who, you know, are interested in your offer!

No List? That's OK, use mine. About 315 million phone numbers.

How would you like to be one of the first to take advantage of this new technology?

If you start today, you can be one of the first to use this new technology and you'll get this service at just launched pricing.

What You Get For Participating

For participating in my case study, you'll get everything below for about my cost. Here's what you get for as little as $395/month:

  • Up To 1000 Successful Voice Messages
  • List Import And Campaign Setup
  • Access To 315 Million Phone Numbers On My Lists And Setup Per Your Specifications
  • Help With Scripts
  • Professional Voice Mail Broadcast Recording Done For You
  • FCC Compliant
  • Billed At $0.075 A Drop Over 1000
  • Ringless Voice Connects Increase Response Rates More Than 80%
  • 95% Voicemail Open Rate
  • Everything Managed For You
  • Sit back And Watch The Calls Roll In

You just need to contact me ASAP before I fill up the 5 slots. After I fill the 5 slots the price will rise.  

Step 1 -Contact Me
Contact me at 631.287.6615 or admin@goodwilldigital.com to discuss the details.
Step 2 - I'll Set It Up
Script, list, voice over; whatever you need, I’ll set it up and manage it for you, then start your broadcast as directed.
Step 3 - You Get Customers
Make the easiest sales ever closing the phone calls of only interested prospects.
If you need new customers for your business or want to sell more to your existing customers, don't miss this opportunity! Contact me at 631.287.6615 or admin@goodwilldigital.com to lock in your spot.
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