Stop Pissing Away Money On Worthless Marketing Campaigns

Here’s why I always say that big companies are wasting money paying incompetent marketing agencies for ineffective marketing campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns

I’m an Eagles Fan and over the weekend I watched two commercials during the game that I’d like to comment on.

The first was a Geico commercial that was really funny.

Lemonade Not Ice T

Even though it’s was a branding (which makes no sense to me) commercial and had nothing to do with the product, I do remember who the company is.

How often do you see a commercial and can’t remember the brand?

The second commercial for example. I don’t remember the brand and it makes me wonder how somebody got to be in charge of marketing?

It was a car company and during the Eagles game. They showed a clip of a NFC playoff game from last year.


Do you really think Eagles fans give a shit about a Seahawks game?

Why not save your money and make your product cheaper?

Who was it that decided playing a clip of teams not playing in the current game was good a branding idea? I mean, did you skip marketing 101?

So, that’s my tip. Make sure your ads, offers and other content are coherent, congruent and the next logical step in your customer’s journey, then you’ll have much more effective marketing campaigns