CVO Sales Funnel Is Like Dating

Barrett Brooks Inspired CVO Sales Funnel Dating Analogy

Barrett Brooks, an ex NFL Tackle and Superbowl Champion, currently a host on the popular Philadelphia sports show Breakfast On Broad, inspired me to analogize the CVO Sales Funnel process to dating when he compared Philadelphia Eagle’s replacement Right Tackle Halapoulivaati Vaitai’s performance over the last two Eagles games to dating. Halapoulivaati made his first two…

Marketing Campaigns

Stop Pissing Away Money On Worthless Marketing Campaigns

Here’s why I always say that big companies are wasting money paying incompetent marketing agencies for ineffective marketing campaigns. I’m an Eagles Fan and over the weekend I watched two commercials during the game that I’d like to comment on. The first was a Geico commercial that was really funny. Lemonade Not Ice T Even…

Best Selling Author Results

What Business Owners And Professionals Could Learn From The Philadelphia Eagles

In the video below Chip Kelly, The coach of the Philadelphia Eagles Football team, discusses the speed the team completed their team photos. “We had to get a good photo, which is first and foremost. We set a record 4 minutes and 40 seconds.” He says in the interview. The lesson for business professionals is…

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