If Content Is King, What Are Content Upgrades

What Are Content Upgrades

Content is king… We’ve all heard that before. And who can argue that? Well, I can; but I won’t. This time. So, what are content upgrades?

Last night I read several bog posts about this new, amazing way to generate more leads.

I was confused because “content upgrades” weren’t what I thought.

To me a content upgrade is turning a blog post into a report or turning a report into a paid course. More about re-purposing content into something better.

But, I was wrong!

Content upgrades are targeted lead magnets nestled in related blog posts designed to increase list subscribers.

Just in case, Lead Magnets are irresistible chunks of value that solves a specific problem offered in exchange for contact info. Usually a name and email address.

They are typically found on the side bar or bottom of a web page, a popup or dedicated on what is called a Squeeze Page.

An opt-in is not a Lead Magnet. A Lead Magnet uses an opt-in form to capture the contact info, but a Lead Magnet must be specific.

Content upgrades are related to and add value to the content you are consuming.

e.g. If you are reading a blog post about advertising on Facebook, a content upgrade might be a template, checklist or cheat sheet about Facebook ads.

The content upgrade would probably be presented as a link, a colored box, an image or a button in multiple parts of the blog post.

The main point about content upgrades is that they are designed specifically for each blog post for the sole purpose of increasing opt-in conversion rates.

And, they do work.

But, this is not new.

Basic marketing tells us that related offers will have a higher conversion rate.

And, this is fundamental customer value optimization principle.

Calling this method a “content upgrade”, is actually more about positioning.

If you come up with a new name for something, you are automatically positioned as a thought leader. More so, if what you named catches on.

So, my tip is about positioning.

Think about ways you can re-frame something with a new name and instantly become a thought leader.

I like my definition of content upgrades, so maybe I’ll start calling them “education add ons”.

Positioning is probably the best shortcut to success I’ve ever found.

Try it!

As for content upgrades as highly targeted Lead Magnets, use them as they are one of the best ways to generate leads.

In my next blog post I’ll share what you need to avoid when using content upgrades – urrrgh, education add ons.

Benefit #2 of Being a Published Author with a Book You Can Give Away Like a Business Card

Publishing a Book is a Newsworthy Event with a Huge Opportunity for Gaining Authority and Recognition.

Every business should be using news releases to generate leads (traffic), gain third part credibility and inform the public of their achievements, announcements, predictions and other news worthy events.

News Releases are similar to Press Releases as they are both syndicated. News Releases are not written to impress press agents but average readers of online news media sites. (Think TV, radio and newspaper websites)

Well written news releases will position you as the “go to” authority in your field and are picked up by news outlets of the national news media including ABC, CBS, NBS and others.

Publishing a book is an excellent way to position  yourself as an industry leading expert, authority and advocate for the success of your clients and prospects. News Releases help you take advantage of your achievement.

I have two ways I can help you get your book completed fast.
1. I interview you about a problem (a lucrative problem you frequently solve), then use the interview to create and publish a book.
2. I interview you about your business answering the questions your ideal prospects typically have but will not ask, then create your chapter in our business mavericks multi-author book series.

Either way, in both methods, most everything is done for you including formatting, graphics, publishing, news releases, social swipes, help getting more customers. etc.

All you have to do is provide the helpful information and humbly brag to your lists and social networks.

My peers and I have helped hundreds of professionals and business owners just like you to become not only published authors but, likely, a best selling author because all of our books have also become Amazon best sellers.

And I’m sure we can help you, even if you can’t write or think you have nothing people would want to read.

The whole process takes very little of your time, is surprisingly way more affordable than you think and is a lot of fun.

Plus, if you are a professional or business owner, this is one of the best investments you can make because it’s an investment in yourself. You will always be the person who wrote the book on…

And it doesn’t cost anything to contact me and find out for sure if this is for you.

So, while it’s fresh in your mind, contact me¬† and I’ll happily answer all your questions.