Happy Tumbleweed Tuesday!

It’s one of my favorite days (despite it’s ALWAYS overcast, colder and windy?) in the Hamptons and I’m missing it this year.

You know how excited you are when guests visit for the weekend? You do a lot of stuff and have a lot of fun. BUT, you are super glad when they leave and you can clean up and relax.

Well, that’s how most Hampton’s locals feel today. We enjoy the start of summer but our guests stay for 3 months, some even longer, now we’re glad they are all gone.

Tumbleweed Tuesday

So, today the locals throw beach parties to celebrate and the south fork appears like a ghost town.

Everyone is happy to begin enjoying what I believe most locals think is the best time of the year.

Then the holidays, winter -yuck-; then we’ll all (mostly) be excited for St Patty’s day as we know it’ll all start over again.

Happy Tumbleweed Tuesday!