What Spending $66,372.09 On Paid Advertising Taught Meby Neil Patel

About three months ago, I launched a landing page on my personal site, NeilPatel.com. I never really completed the landing page as I got a bit lazy and didn’t finish the case studies on it.

Nonetheless, it does all right. It converts at 3.7 percent, which means 37 out of 1,000 people fill out the lead form. I also tested a shorter version of the page. Conversions went above the 5% mark, but the quality of the leads decreased drastically. For this reason, I went back to a long sales letter format.

The way I currently drive traffic to that landing page is from Quick Sprout. From the Hellobar at the top to the “consulting” link in the top navigation to the two banner ads in the sidebar, I’ve been able to drive at least 6,000 visitors a month to NeilPatel.com just from Quick Sprout. Read more: http://rock.ly/bpyil



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