What You Need To Avoid When Using Content Upgrades To Generate Leads

Content Upgrades

Yesterday I explained what content upgrades are and today I’ll share what you need to avoid if you want to use them effectively.

Before I explain, I want to make sure you understand the purpose of a content upgrade in the CVO Sales Funnel.

Again, the content upgrade is simply a Lead Magnet linked from individual blog posts.

Although you can send traffic straight to a Lead Magnet, conversion rates will be higher if you send them to RELATED content first. Especially cold traffic.

Warm traffic can be sent, and will get high conversion rates, to a well designed Squeeze Page.

Once subscribed, your prospect should be presented with a Trip Wire offer.

A Trip Wire offer is an irresistible, low cost offer that leads to your signature offer. The Lead Magnet and Trip Wire are both designed to give your user a taste of the success (the results that your offers promise).

From your perspective, their purpose is to turn visitors into leads and leads into customers as quickly as possible.

Why? Because customers are more likely to buy your other offers. Of course.

The biggest problems with making Lead Magnets for each, individual blog post, as I see it, is the time and effort commitment.

Your Lead Magnet shouldn’t be a crappy cheat sheet that consists of your article headlines with the content deleted turned into a downloadable PDF.

I already see this happening.

If your Lead Magnet doesn’t provide value and solve a specific problem, it’s not a Lead Magnet.

If it doesn’t lead into an appropriate sales funnel, then you’ll have a bunch of leads but no customers.

Obviously you can monetize that list but it’s not optimal.

Once you develop multiple Lead Magnets that lead into the appropriate sales funnel, using content upgrades will take minimal extra effort.

It’s certainly a smart strategy to incorporate Lead Magnets that relate to your content into you blog posts.

Avoid being lazy and creating a bunch of worthless Lead Magnets, make sure your Lead Magnets lead into related sales funnels and don’t waste the opportunity to impress your prospects; provide a taste of success and prove the results you are promising.


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