Why Brands Need to Skip the Ads and Start Telling Stories Don’t get in the way of what consumers want, be what they want By Scott Donaton

You can skip this ad in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … skip ad. C’mon, you know you want to. We all do.

While the stats vary, there’s evidence that around nine out of 10 people who can skip an ad do—whether by hitting the “skip ad” button online or fast-forwarding through a commercial break while watching time-shifted programming.

The online countdown clock that accompanies many preroll spots is one of the more honest things to ever happen to advertising. It’s the most explicit admission yet that advertising isn’t something you want; it’s something in the way of what you want.

Not all advertising, of course. The best and most celebrated ads have always been those that tell great stories because the best creatives know the key to winning over consumers is to share stories that are worthy of their time. It’s a simple human fact: We are all suckers for a great, well-told story, whether that’s Ridley Scott’s The Martian or Ridley Scott’s 1984 commercial for Apple. More recently, Leo Burnett Madrid entranced 5 million viewers with, of all things, a Pixar-caliber lottery ad.

Audiences have always had the power to skip ads. Those of us old enough to remember a world without remote controls know that skipping ads was as simple as heading to the kitchen for a snack during the commercial break. Or heading to the bathroom to, um, fix your hair.

If we’re in search of a narrative thread, the last 20 years in this business have been about one thing: consumer empowerment. Read more: http://rock.ly/8u13w



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