William Cassidy Marketing Consultant Simplifies Authority Marketing With New Service

William CassidyWilliam Cassidy of GoodwillDigital.com recently launched a new Authority Marketing service that helps business owners and professionals reach success faster by publishing, positioning and marketing them as leading experts in their field.

“Very few realize what Authority Marketing techniques can do for a business or career because it’s cutting edge and rarely revealed.” said William. “Authority Marketing has been around for years but is now being developed and systematically applied for use with the Internet. I’m one of the first to provide a service that offers business owners an extraordinary opportunity to easily use a proven system to take control of their publishing and marketing and quickly manufacture their own expert status or “celebrity” that distinguishes them from their competition among several other benefits including the ability to raise their prices and fees.”

Brian Horn, Best Selling Author and Authority Marketing Innovator states in a recent article “Authority Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you are not actively working on creating a sense of “celebrity” for your business, you are missing a key ingredient to success in the 21st century.”

The premise is that if business owners or professionals publish the right content on the right websites, position and market themselves as experts, the result will be that more of their visitors will choose them and increase their business while fueling greater opportunities.

The right content may include featured articles, news releases and even books. Authority status and credibility is gained by being published and positioned on the right websites, basically, as a consumer advocate on national media and other credible third party websites. The greater opportunities could be more media coverage, speaking offers or just getting a raise.

Imagine searching for a Doctor. Multiple websites appear but only one has a best selling author and national media contributor. The result is that they stand out from their competition and get chosen more.

Business owners who use authority marketing in their business are often surprised by the results.

“At first I just thought it would be something ‘cool’ to do…I had no idea the drastic impact it would have on my business and income.” says Angelike Norrie from angelikepsoinos.com.

“When potential clients see that we’ve been featured on the Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, it gives us instant credibility as a recognized authority.” says Jason S. Moore from vitallifeadventures.com.

William is part of a small group of early adapters that now provide these services. Click the link to learn more about William’s new Authority Marketing Services.


William Cassidy is a best selling author, publisher and digital marketer who specializes in customer value optimization, advanced positioning and digital marketing strategies. Bill helps business owners and professionals increase their leads and sales in 30 days or less, so they can experience online success without wasting a lot of time, energy or money.

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